Introduction of Paras Realty

Company History

The roots of Paras Realty can be traced back to 1995, when the Mr. Sanjay Jogi started a construction business after bachelor graduating in Civil Engineering. The first two of his major projects Urvashi Complex and Dhruti Complex (1996-1999), marked the coming together of Mr. Satish Patel, Mr. Chirag Patel and Mr. Hemal Munshi, initially in various capacities. Spurred by the success of both projects, their professional and personal rapport, common values and work ethic, they went on to work as partners in the subsequent projects. The group expanded further after 1999, with the association of Mr. Chetan Jogi, Mr. Manish Patel, Mr. Jignesh Patel and Mr. Hitesh Padiya as partners. Each partner brings a unique skill set and experience to complement that of the other and add to the strength of the group.

Paras Realty - A few Quick Facts

20+ residential and commercial combination of projects
1300+ happy home owners
1100+ offices and shops
Over 100 man years of collective experience in building construction and real estate development
Vadodara's first exclusively corporate office building – Imperial Heights
Vadodara's tallest residential building yet – Green Heaven
Vadodara's first commercial building with rooftop solar panels – Signet Plaza

Who We are...

A group of builders associated with each other through their projects since 1996 have decided to form a partnership company and work under a common name Paras Realty. There is extensive work already done by each member. Their projects are landmarks under their own name, some of the recent ones being Signet Plaza, Imperial Heights, The Signet Hub, Green Heaven, and Farmville. The group members now want their work and their collective experience, capabilities and vision to be reflected under the common company name – Paras Group.

Company Profile

Paras Group was formed in 10 years and is a partnership of real estate builders and developers offering residential and commercial property development and construction services in Vadodara, India.


To build a reputation of being the gold standard of customer service, by striving to create outstanding living and work spaces and services in each and every respect; provide positive experiences for our customers as well as everyone associated with our business-customers, subcontractors, suppliers, employees-in every way, every day.

  • Like the legendary philosopher's stone, 'PARAS', everything we do shall have a transformational effect—enhance quality and value.
  • The homes and work spaces we create must be an asset which brings Shukh, Shanti, Samrudhdhi (pleasant, peace, prosperity).
  • We want to be a company that people want to work for, work with and invest in.


Our mission is to be a successful real estate development and construction company by building lasting relationships with our customers, exceeding their expectations, gaining their trust through exceptional performance by each and every member of our team. To this end, we shall

  • Anticipate and meet the needs of our customers in our concepts, designs and constructions, delivered by the most qualified people.
  • Complete contracts, deliver projects to high standards of quality, on time and within budget while respecting the environment and the communities in which we work.
  • Create a strong and reliable supply chain, based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Lead, guide and direct our team by developing efficient project implementation processes and systems.
  • Ensure a skilled and confident workforce, through training and guidance, so that they can readily meet challenges presented to them, and deliver efficient and excellent outcomes.
  • Find ways to make the living and work spaces we create environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Core Values and Business Philosophy

Hard work

We believe the only route to success is hard work. We work hard for our customers to ensure that they get the best quality at the best prices.

Commitment to Quality

We do not believe in cutting corners, or taking short-cuts when it comes to quality. We source from the best to ensure high product quality and workmanship.

Customer Focus

We listen, anticipate, and respond to customer needs to achieve customer satisfaction in every aspect. By placing the customer at the centre of our business, we ensure the longevity of our company through referral business.

Commitment, Reliability and Collaboration

We provide what we say.

We believe in close collaborations with the best architects, suppliers, subcontractors to deliver projects on-time, under budget and the best quality workmanship. Our employees are our biggest asset, we value their hard work and contribution to our work.

Mutual Respect and Trust

We believe in building lasting relationships, by maintaining highest levels of professionalism, remaining fair and true in all our dealings with everyone associated with our business architects, subcontractors, customers, suppliers, employees, workers.


We have an attitude that helps us find solutions for complex situations and get things done.


We provide great value for the investment. We chose projects strategically to ensure their appreciation within a reasonable time.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that the best is yet to come. So, we are always looking to innovate, bring in new concepts, find and implement new ways of doing things better.