Introduction of Paras Realty

The Paras Difference – What sets us apart

Paras is different from other real estate development and building construction companies in many small and big ways. Like all companies in our business, we strive to deliver quality, on-time, within-budget projects. However, we are different in the way we execute our work and achieve these goals.

We consider people as our greatest asset and resource in all aspects of our business. We started small, first as one man, then grew into one team. We enjoyed working in a team, and believe in the team approach. While our business is organized around one office, all of our projects have a dedicated team right from the time of conceptualization to handing over the keys, lead and managed by a partner, supported by an engineer, supervisor and other field staff.


The management, represented by a partner, is always present on the site to respond to customer's questions and concerns, support the field staff in problem-solving and decision-making. This personal approach and direct access to the management for both customers and field staff not only ensures efficient communication and management, but also creates trust.

Anticipation of Customer Needs

We conceptualise every home and office space by placing ourselves in the shoes of our target customers. Our motto is "build only what you yourself would like to live or work in". The locations we acquire for our project sites are strategic, keeping accessibility, convenience and future development. In our combined residential and commercial projects, we take care to ensure that the spaces are used only for the intended purpose.


Our specifications are never approximations and we strictly adhere to them. So, what you see is what you get.

Clear Ownership

We guarantee 100% clear titles in all our projects.